1john- speaking - Foundation launchLast week I had the distinct pleasure of spending some quality time with my friends from Alliant Federal Credit Union, at the invitation of my Midwest Board Chairman for Operation HOPE, David Mooney, who is also CEO of Alliant.

Mooney and Alliant, significant leaders in the financial literacy and language of money space within the national credit union community, on this day launched a $4 million new foundation (Alliant Credit Union Foundation) significantly focused on fostering and providing financial literacy education for customers and communities. 

A $35,000 grant check in support of our partnership work with Alliant and their employees, is but one example of the commitments that this new foundation has and will continue to make.  It is worth noting that Alliant, in partnership with HOPE and Banking on Our Future, has and continues to educate the entire middle school class of and for a local school district just outside of Chicago.  Alliant is also very active with HOPE inside the city limits of Chicago, in our work in the Chicago Public School System. This is silver rights in action.  Bravo to you Alliant and my friend David Mooney.  NCUA (the national regulator for credit unions) should see Alliant as a national model for the future of credit unions themselves.

Onward and with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

Founder, Operation HOPE

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