Follow your passions I have always said that people should follow their passions – and in fact that is the question I ask people when I meet them generally – but what does that mean actually? Then Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told me the story of how he originally wanted to be a musician. He went to the same school for the arts as my mentor and friend Quincy Jones – Julliard in NYC. He was a talented musician but not top of the mark amongst his peers. He soon found himself doing the tax returns for his band members. Result, he found his passion, and ultimately became one of the most powerful men on the planet as Fed Chairman during an unprecedented run.

My housekeeper, Melonie Franklyn was an accountant working at a good company. The only problem is she often found herself working late doing guess what — not accounting but cleaning the office. She liked seeing her surroundings organized and efficient. She found her passion and now she owns her own housekeeping business here in Atlanta. She is very, very good, and recently spent 6 hours cleaning our house because she wanted to make sure she got everything just right. This is only topped by the entire day she spent here when we first moved in. Melonie found her passion, and so did former Fed Chairman Greenspan.

Dr. King once said "if you are going to be a trash collector, be the best trash collector the world has ever seen."

Live a life of excellence, and passion. When you find out what you are passionate about no one will have to ask you to go to work, or to stay later once you are there. In fact, it won't feel like work at all.

With HOPE John Hope Bryant, author of the new book LOVE LEADERSHIP, blogging from his iPhone

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