I asked my Japanese mentor, Ambassador Saburo Yuzawa, “what is the purpose to life?” He said, “I will tell you.” But when I tried to sit down and to take time to listen to what I thought would be an hours long explaination, he told me not to get too cozy, as it would only take a moment to explain. The thing he said next, more than a decade ago now, changed my life.

He told me, “John, the purpose to life is to become transparent to God’s will.” Wow, I said. How do I do that?” Response;

“The only way to become transparent to God’s will, is to also learn to become reasonably comfortable in ones own skin. And the key there, is to learn how to get out of your own way.” How often I asked (smile).” His final response, “every single day.”. This has been my daily mandate on my life every day since.

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