These are tjust a few estimonials and reflections from Operatin HOPE teaching financial literacy and the "language of money" to kids, using our network of 8,000 HOPE Corps volunteers. HOPE is in more than 1,200 schools across the nation with Banking on Our Future.


“If you do not know how to do these things, then you will not be able to survive in the real world. If you are very good at doing these things, then you may have a great future at becoming rich.”


Justin Cantrell



High School







 “I wanted to express my gratitude for Operation HOPE's lessons.  My students did get a lot out of your work; this was obvious when they continued asking about Operation HOPE's lessons for 2 weeks after your last lesson.   We all appreciate your hard work and hopefully, I will be able to invite you back to my classroom next year.” 

 Jessica Morton



Middle School,







HOPE Corps Volunteer

 “The whole event was fantastic.   From the friendly reception of security at the door, to the support of Mr. Marks and his staff, to finally and especially the students.  To say the least, we both were pleasantly surprised.  Despite the tremendous odds some of these students face outside of the school system, today’s class confirmed what I knew personally as a young person coming up: If you positively engage and give them a challenge to show you what they can do, not only will they prove to you how smart they are, they will want more challenges from you.”


Steve Bly


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