I can say without question that this was the best speech I have seen Chairwoman Bair give, and her confident and comfortable handling of the unscripted and rather unplanned question and answer session at the end simply shows how very sharp she is. While I have known many FDIC chairmen over the years, and call several friends still, including my friend Don Powell of Texas, I can also say without hesitation that Chairman Sheila Bair is hands down the best in this job since the agency was founded. Her steady handling of this global economic crisis, and her unflinching focus on the needs of the consumer public, earned her a special HOPE Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Leadership, which I was honored to present to her as part of my introduction. Operation HOPE is proud to be a long-time national partner with th FDIC around financial literacy empowerment. Enjoy this on-demand video from the HOPE Global Financial Literacy Summit of FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. Leave your comments, and share it with friends. We are sitting in a moment in history, for financial literacy, and our world economy. With HOPE, John Hope Bryant Founder, Operation HOPE Vice Chairman, U.S.President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

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