As I toured Liberty City today and we stopped into a local famed soul food joint, I leaned over and asked a couple young brothers what the biggest problem there, one said “drugs and guns (crime),” but almost as quickly pulled it back and said “lack of knowledge.” Then another young brother said “all that we don’t know.” I then said, “like the language of money, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and free enterprise?” his response, “yep, that’s we all have at best 9 to 5’s (jobs).” Deep, an it also gave me a powerful sense that people, including young people, really do know what they need and want in life. They just need a lttle help, and a little mentoring. That is why I launched theo 5% Movement as part of 5 Million Kids. Join the movement and make a difference, wherever you are in the world. Make a 5MK Pledge of your time and talent today at

One person can make a difference. Be that one person.
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