1. Teach your children the “language of money,” by sitting down with them as they step through our new, interactive and fun online financial literacy enpowerment program, BankingonOurFuture.org. you can access it anytime, anywhere at www.bankingonourfuture.org. Make sure this crisis never happens again by preparing our children.

2. If you are in trouble with your mortgage, or you know someone who is, call our FREE community resource, the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline at 888 388 HOPE. we have fielded more than 70,000 calls and restructured or amended more than $250 million in mortgages. You can also access online at www.operationhope.org. Do not pay ANYONE to solve a problem we can solve for free.

3. Want to become an entrepreneur, like Ryan Taylor of Drobe Clothing (www.DROBE.com), the man who makes all of my business clothes and who is an Operation HOPE success story, then find an Operation HOPE Banking Center near you at www.operationhope.org.

4. Be part of the solution. Join HOPE global spokesman, civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young, and me at the HOPE Global Financial Literacy Summit on June 17th, 2009, on SE, Washington, DC at THEARC. The summit features 50 speakers from 6 continents, including US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and FDIC Chair Sheila Bair. Ask to be a summit delegate at www.operationhope.org/summit. You can also watch it on LiveWebcast.

5. Help spread the message of one. On October 20th, 2009, Global Dignity, led by co-founders His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Professor Pekka Himanen of Finland and myself, will launch our 2nd annual GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY 2009, with me reporting in from Palestine. Last year we covered 20 plus countries on every continent, and this year our goal is 50 countries on every continent. Help us spread dignity around the world by signing up to play a role, teaching a “course in dignity” in your local community or school. Sign up at www.globaldignity.org.

One person can make a difference. Be that one person! One.

John Hope Bryant, blogging from his iPhone. Silver Rights in Action in Your Life

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