BOOF Org May 20 2009 Launch 006 Today, in large part thanks to our national partner, and principle Banking on Our Future online partner E Trade Financial, www.bankingonourfuture.orgonline went live nationwide today!  Thanks to Mary Hagerty and the entire HOPE family of employees leadership,  kids and groups in more than 20 sites across the nation participated in the online launch.  Celie, Mary and the team were in Harlem, with me in SE, Washington, D.C. 

After speaking to my group here in DC-Anacostia, I had to go into a back room to shed a rare sad tear.  So full of hope, well behaved, and no complaining, whatsoever; but their teacher told me later that three of the 35 children in attendance with me were homeless, today.  70% are raised by grandparents, or by the foster care system.  Most all are children of teenage parents. Single, teenage parents.  This both broke my heart, and inspired me all in the same breath.  Their only wish; "new school uniforms," nothing for themselves.  In fact, one young man had written a $5,000.00 phantom check through, to do just that for his school as he went through the modules during the launch program.  And so, HOPE sponsored that wish today, contributing $1000.00 towards their cause of new school uniforms.  We also committed to give every one of them a starter bank account, contributing at least $25.00, and you would have thought they won the lottery.  So sad, yet so real, and ultimately inspiring. The next time you think you are having problems in your life, reflect back on this precious moment, and the reality of and for these kids.


We are….making a difference.  The silver rights movement in action.

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