JHB and a Dream maker from the Middle East

I am standing here with Fahad Al-Khazum, part of a Global Changemaker program supported by the World Economic Forum, in Jordan at the Dead Sea.

I  met Fahad during a role models session that I spoke at during the Middle East regional meeting of the Forum late last week.  Fahad's vision of the world was positive, uplifting, focused on achieving his education, being a good student, and citizen, and in time, even becoming a Young Global Leader, helping society by empowering people as a social entrepreneur.

I was so impressed with Fahad that I responded instantly (and positively) when he inquired about becoming a HOPE Intern, working in our HOPE Global Headquarters main office in Los Angeles.  He has already followed up with me to make all appropriate arrangements.  Frankly, Fahad may end up teaching my team as much as he learns from them. After meeting Fahad, and traveling to Jordan now for the third time, I am convinced that you cannot possibly understand people without visiting with them, being open when you meet them, and genuinely being interested in understanding needs, hopes, dreams and desires in life.


John Hope Bryant

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