Event poised to inspire universal respect, highlight what we all have in common, and heighten awareness on the importance of learning how to value yourself and others


Amman, Jordan – May 16, 2009 – Global Dignity, a worldwide mission which aims to inspire and encourage dignity for every person today announced plans to conduct the second Annual Global Dignity Day on October 20, 2009. In 2008, on GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY, YGLS from more than 20 countries, and on every continent, taught youth "A Course in Dignity" around the world.  In association with the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL), an auxiliary of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the international event promises to promote self-esteem in teaching sessions scheduled to take place simultaneously around the world.


Since its inception, the co-founders of Global Dignity, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, world renowned book author and Professor of Philosophy Pekka Himanen, and American silver rights entrepreneur John Hope Bryant, themselves also YGL members, have in conjunction with World Economic Forum, seeded positive change by conducting a series of Dignity Day teaching sessions to hundreds of students around the world.


"The dignity approach works on all levels; it works for children and for adults, it works for men and for women, and it works on the micro and macro level," explained HRH Crown Prince Haakon. "We wish to be inspiration-based; commending and encouraging best practice and dignity-centered leadership. Ultimately Global Dignity transcends boundaries to bind us in a globally shared dream to undermine poverty and violence."


The Dignity Principles are both heart and smart," said Prof. Himanen. "Global Dignity draws from and is based on both ethics and enlightened self-interest. The main reason for defending dignity is that it is a value in itself. People need dignity to lead a human life."


Bryant, who is chairman, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE, and also serves as vice chair of the U.S. President's Council on Financial Literacy plans to hold his GD sessions in Palestine this October, "In an environment where individuals cannot seem to agree on anything, from religious differences to differences of culture and forms of government, or even forms and definitions of free enterprise, and the definition of capitalism itself, the one thing we can agree on the world over is we all want and need more dignity. Operation HOPE supports Global Dignity through HOPE Global Initiatives – HOPE's international division which lends support to programs and projects globally. We are proud to promote, advocate, help advance Global Dignity," said Bryant. "By formulating a globally shared dream, Global Dignity and HOPE Global Initiatives are perfectly aligned in promoting opportunity around the world, to empower each individual to believe in his or her fundamental right to dignity, respect, and freedom, to make their own decisions in life."


This event is a global demonstration of the inspirational and inclusive power of dignity, and the mission of the Global Dignity is to implement globally the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life though an understanding of the Five Dignity Principles:


  • Every human being has a right to lead a dignified life.
  • A dignified life means an opportunity to fulfill one's potential, which is based on having a human level of health care, education, income and security.
  • Dignity means having the freedom to make decisions on one's life and to be met with respect for this right.
  • Dignity should be the basic guiding principle for all actions.
  • Ultimately, our own dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others.


Global Dignity Day is built on the success of a series of Dignity Day events. Since 2006, Dignity Days have been conducted in South Africa, India, United States, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Jordan, Austria, Mexico, and Canada. Last year, Global Dignity sessions were conducted in over twenty countries, including South Africa, India, United States, Nigeria, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Jordan, Austria, Japan, Poland, Mozambique, Mexico, England, Canada, Venezuela, China, Belgium, and Singapore. 


The goal of GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY 2009 is to reach more than 50 countries, on every continent, on October 20th, 2009. Those interested in more information or how they can join in a GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY teaching sessions can visit the website







About the Forum of Young Global Leaders

Established in 2004 by Professor Klaus Schwab, The Forum of Young Global Leaders ( is a unique, multi-stakeholder community of the world's most extraordinary young leaders who dedicate a part of their time to jointly address global challenges and who are committed to devote part of their knowledge and energy to collectively work towards a better future. Together, they engage in the 2030 Initiative, a comprehensive Endeavour, to understand current and future trends, risks and opportunities both at global and regional levels, formulate a positive vision for the world in 2030 and put forward concrete strategies and work-streams to translate their vision into action.


About Global Dignity

Co-founded by Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Professor Pekka Himanen, University of Art & Design Helsinki and Visiting Professor at Oxford University, and John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO from Operation HOPE, and the mission of the Dignity is to implement globally the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life. It is an autonomous, non-profit and non-partisan project linked to the 2020 process of the World Economic Forum's Forum of Young Global Leaders, where young global leaders from politics, business, academia, and civil society have joined together to work for the improvement of the state of the world and people based on five principles of dignity. For more information on about Global Dignity, see


About World Economic Forum 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a foundation in 1971, and based in Geneva, , the World Economic Forum is impartial and not-for-profit; it is tied to no political, partisan or national interests. The World Economic Forum is under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Government. For more information, visit


 About HOPE Global Initiatives 

HOPE Global Initiatives was developed out of the organization's leadership role in hosting Ambassadors and Heads of State visiting Southern California, as well as the founder's former role with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland, as their first ever goodwill ambassador to the United States.  The role of HOPE Global Initiatives is to promote and advocate the benefits of education, financial literacy, self-reliance, economic empowerment and dignity as tools for vastly improving the quality of life in developing countries, with a particular focus on developing countries on the African continent. The role has expanded to serve underserved communities throughout the world. HOPE Global Initiatives is a program of Operation HOPE. To learn more about Operation HOPE and its financial literacy empowerment programs go to  



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