M_cc5fee2fe6743e98ff7e32283049f05e Okay, I give in.  I was on MySpace, Facebook, love my Blog, and of course our various websites and eCommunities tied to Operation HOPE, the silver rights movement and my business interests — but I had not given in to the Twitter community.  Then, here comes my mentee Tyrese (Gibson), who you know as a superstar model, actor, singer, and I know as simply a good man, and God's child.  In any case, Tyrese or T as I call him, got me hooked — and now you can find and follow me and the silver rights movement on Twitter friends.

P.S. Last night, Tyrese, Brandy and myself were both on the telephone and on Twitter, exchanging powerful notes and positive ideas about changing the world and inspiring people. It was a beautiful thing, and got so inspired that a few Twitter followers started calling it eChurch!  Okay, we need to do THAT t-shirt, after we do the MAKE SMART SEXY t-shirt at HOPE.  Enjoy…

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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