QJbackground Global entertainment icon and my mentor and friend Quincy Jones recently featured 5 MILLION KIDS, our initiative to break the back of the high school drop out epidemic in America's schools, on his website homepage.  You can also sign a petition there to join Q in his effort to create a Secretary of the Arts post within our federal government. 

I believe that America is only one of three developed nations in the world that does not honor the essential development of the human spirit with a federal post dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture.  Think about who you would be, what kind of person you would be, without music in your life?  It is not fluff, it is central to the development of the human spirit.  Quoting author Deepak Chopra, "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."  Get with the program — sign the petition at www.quincyjones.comand make a 5MK Pledge to save our children at www.5mk.org.

One person can change the world.  Be that one person…

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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