YD2H9595-2Recently, while traveling overseas and giving a speech, a group in the audience began to applaud.  As I focused their way, they were actually cheering America. Yes, cheering America, outside of America.  What came next both inspired me and made me proud.  One of them said, "Only in America. You elected a black man President of the United States of America. Amazing. ….The American people should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize," he said.  Wow, is all I could say, both then and now. Wow.  As I thought about this even more, it dawned on me that no where else on the planet, could an African-American man and a white woman run competitively for the highest office in the land, in a developed country yet alone the sole super power in the world — than the United States of America.

Go America — and yes, the American people really do deserve to be nominated for the next Nobel Peace Prize, for their act of courage, vision, and the peaceful transfer of power under circumstances that would have broken most any other country. America's best days are ahead of us.

Rainbows, after storms.  You can only have a rainbow, after a storm first.

Onward and with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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