Discussing dignity 2 As one who has spent significant time in India, on business, touring the country's many regions with my family, and together with HOPE Global Initiatives, Global Dignity and my fellow Young Global leaders, not so long ago teaching "Dignity Day" courses with youth and leaders from India, the region, and from around the world,my heart goes out to the people of India.  Of course, my heart also goes out to the countless victims, from around the world, who were targeted by this coward's act.

I share the worldwide sense of heartbreak, and even shame,around this senseless terrorist tragedy that has taken place, and in many ways is still unfolding in Mumbai, India this week. 

We all share this small planet, and we are all brothers and sisters within this world. If there is to be a shared future, and I am convinced there will be, we must find a way to live together, co-exist together, work together, and love each other.

One world.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

Founder, Operation HOPE and HOPE Global Initiatives

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