Harvard_night_out_002The following is a special message from my friend Matthew Bishop, business editor for the Economist Magazine, and author of a new book entitled "Philanthrocapitalism: How the Rich Can Save the World."  Matthew, pictured far right here in a group picture from YGLs spending time together at Harvard University earlier this year, is first class people and his voice will be an important one for 21st century leaders. Check it out. Spread the word. 

Here is Andrew’s message:

Dear friend,

      Today’s the day. "Philanthrocapitalism: How the Rich Can Save the World" is officially published. We had a great launch, including an interview with President Bill Clinton, who recommended it to the members of his Clinton Global Initiative, saying "it is about you".

      Some people have commiserated with us for our timing, launching our book just as capitalism is falling apart. But we believe the financial crisis makes our message more timely than ever, for three reasons. First, the super rich are likely to fare far better than everyone else during this crisis. Look at Warren Buffett, who has already invested in Goldman Sachs and GE at a bargain price. Second, government budgets will now be tighter than ever, so there will be even more demand for philanthropy. Third, every philanthropic dollar will need to be used more effectively than ever, so the new businesslike approach we call philanthrocapitalism is even more necessary.

          We have launched a website and blog to support the book, which includes video interviews and several chapters on the history of philanthropy that we did not have room for in the book, but which we highly recommend! Check it out at http://www.philanthrocapitalism.net 

            Please spread the word,

Matthew and Mike

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