"The country needs a new way. If people weren’t looking for change, you wouldn’t hear that word in every other sentence of the presidential campaigns. 

For good or ill, most of us aren’t lucky enough to be as dumb as we were even five years ago. We’re no longer just looking for the next way to make a quick buck. We’ve been there, it was fun while it lasted, and it blew up in our faces.  By the same token, though, nobody in the real world is content with navel-gazing now either – that luxury’s gone, too.

What we need now is a way to make money and be happy. And be good. And to make it last. Its a tall order – but probably the only order that will get us out of the mess we’re in."

An out-take from a book I am writing on leadership for the 21st century, contributed by my friend Cameron Stauth.

John Hope Bryant

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