Operation_hope_logo_new_2 If you know someone in need of mortgage assistance tied to the growing mortgage crisis in America, make sure they pick up the telephone and contact Operation HOPE’s Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline at 888 388 HOPE. One of the incredible MHCH counselors sits across from my office at HOPE World Headquarters and I have personally witnessed two situations, in just passing by his desk, where Sky Minor was able to renegotiate a siutuation from bad to good. Recently the MHCH team shared with me a growing list of mortgages they were able to restructure completely (taking in at least one case a predatory 13% interest rate down to 6% fixed over 30 years).

I don’t guarantee they can deliver results for everyone, but I will guarantee that you will be better offer after you called them, than before. Hats off to Fred D. Smith, director of HOPE Coalition America and leader for the MHCH, for his leadership here.  Lance Triggs, who runs our HOPE Banking Center Network, has also been key as his staff often conduct financial advise support as well.

The Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline is a partner in the Los Angeles area with Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti. Statewide the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline is supported by Bank of America, HSBC, Wells Fargo and the State of California.

Make sure your friends call the MHCH at 1-888-388-HOPE, or go online at www.operationhope.org.

Onward and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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