ImagesLast week Operation HOPE announced that Wells Fargo made a $100,000 contribution towards our work in low wealth communities. See the complete story here.  But actually, that was only part of the story. Wells Fargo made another $50,000 commitment to help support our Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, and even more impressive, both of these commitments (or $150,000 total) were made in support of our local programs serving Greater Los Angeles. Wells Fargo Los Angeles has been a consistent major supporter of our work in our founding city of Los Angeles fro more than a dozen years now.

A special thank you to Shelley Freeman, president of the Los Angeles bank, Tom Swanson who serves on our SW board of directors, and last but not least, Tim Hanlon and Jonathan Weedman from the Wells Fargo Foundation.  In good times and in not so good times, the Wells Fargo family has consistently been there. Thank you.

Their long-time commitment to our work only underscores an often overlooked point; "you don’t do business with companies, you do business with people. People make the difference."

Kudos to what I believe is America’s only remaining AAA (credit) rated bank, which definitely has a AAA rated heart, for community (or at least in Los Angeles – smile). Do business with those that give dignity to you.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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