Detroit_to_la_010And so, I arrive back in my office for Operation HOPE, in Los Angeles, after yet another long and fruitful trip for HOPE, and my trusted (smile) executive assistant, Leslie Alessandro, asks me if I wanted a cup of coffee. I then launched into a long monologue about how she would probably try to poison me, so she could knock off early on this beautiful Friday in L.A. — and then I got this on my desk. Hilarious.

Thanks for the laugh Leslie, and yes, the coffee was safe after all.  I have a fabulous team in the Office of the Chairman here at Operation HOPE World Headquarters; inclusive of my executive assistant Leslie Alessandro, my special assistant Debra Collins, senior aide to the Office of the Vice Chairman (U.S. President’s Council) Sharon Jones, and my long-time senior advisor and chief of staff Rachael Doff (and by extension, her right arm and my play daughter, the great Ilya Monroe).  We work hard, and as you can see, we know how to play and laugh a little too.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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