Cameroon_brother_in_boston_002Amazing how you buy a bike, become a cyclist, and then all you see everywhere are, well, cyclist. Or you purchase a Ferrari and all you begin to see are Ferrari’s (okay, maybe that was not the best example).

Well, last week thanks to my friends at African Ancestry I found out that I am of Cameroon ancestry, from the West African coast, and Voila — I run smack dab into a proud, amazing, smart Cameroonian. And THIS brother, who is attending college at Suffolk University here in Boston where I am staying, even LOOKS a little like me (smile). His name is Morel Nouwezem, and the world should watch out for this sharp young man with a vision for himself.

We had a great conversation and he gave me a great education on Cameroon and its culture. A bi-lingual country, with French as its native language (except one area where the British settled and English is the first language there), all children are supposed to learn English almost immediately, and by the 4th grade, either German or Portuguese. Amazing. Most kids in the United States cannot speak English properly. Do not tell me what we cannot do.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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