"…14% of the vote in today’s Vienna amounts to a not so subtle campaign of immigrant exclusion; to "remove the stone from the eye," so to speak.

The problem here is that this approach is just plain wrong.

It was wrong in 1930 and 1940, and it is wrong today. It will lead to nothing more than a false, temporary, even momentary suspension of economic pain, as those who supposedly "took our jobs" go back home, leaving by the way the local job that no one wanted, to you. But ultimately it will lead to long-term failure of the economy, because an economy in retreat cannot grow or thrive. And in the end it will mean, once again, a historic retreat for beautiful Vienna, and Austria, as a leading city and country on the world stage.

As the immigrants pack up and leave they will take the money they made and spent, right there in Vienna mind you, with them. The cultural and creative innovation will stifle, the growth will stall, the prosperity will end, and things will go from bad to worse. Oddly enough, all in the name of what some call progress."

John Hope Bryant, co-founder of Global Dignity

From Vienna and Dignity on my Mind Blog post

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