I just read a disturbing statistic. 

A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics that followed the post-high-school progress of mathematically talented students from the high-school class of 1992 found that, even among these students, socioeconomic status played a big role in college-graduation rates. By 2000, fully 74 percent of the more affluent students had achieved a bachelor’s degree. Only 29 percent of their poorer peers had. 

While everyone agrees that a good education is step one in moving up the economic ladder, those from lower socioeconomic status – even when they receive a good high school education as evidenced by their talent in math – have a much harder go of it.

Edward Stucky

Note from John Hope Bryant — God bless you Ed, for having a heart for others whose only sin was simply being born poor in America, or worse, black or brown and poor.

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