47b7ce25b3127cce98549a6119ee0000002Operation HOPE, an international LA based organization dedicated to bringing financial literacy and empowerment programs to low-wealth communities, delivered its award-winning tutorial course to 700 students today at Nimitz Middle School . The condensed one-day curriculum is designed to stimulate disenfranchised youth. Thirty suited-up California National Bank employees ventured into Maywood to deliver a message of hope, dignity and financial empowerment to a predominantly Latino community simply looking for a hand up. Joining the group was accomplished actor/director and father of five, Robert Davi, known to the younger set for his work in film favorite “Goonies.”

Cal National CEO, Greg Mitchell noted that “Banking on Our Future” provides students with many of the financial tools they will need to prosper as they enter and thrive in the American economy.  Financial literacy often leads to a life filled with freedom of choice and promise verses financial struggle and exploitation.  The children of Maywood and Los Angeles deserve the best and Cal National is proud to partner with Operation HOPE in changing these young lives for the better.”

Actor_robert_davi_and_the_cal_natio While simultaneously launching the official grand opening of our Harlem New York HOPE Center , Operation HOPE will also be furthering its commitment to educate students in the Los Angeles area signature youth financial literacy program Banking on Our Future “Done-In-A-Day” program.

Davi said, "You are lucky to have Operation HOPE bring this program to you. I wish I had a course in financial literacy when I was your age!"

Educating 700 kids in one day about the basics of banking, checking and savings, the power of credit, and investments might sound like an ambitious undertaking. But with volunteers from financial partners like Cal National Bank, it’s just another opportunity to do good.

Whether we’re in South Central or reaching children on a global scale, Banking On Our Future Vice President Emily Ausbrook isn’t shy when it comes to discussing the program. “In 2006 alone, over 40,000 students between the ages of 9 and18 have benefited from our efforts. It’s so incredibly rewarding,” Ausbrook says. “I love what I do.”

Emily_at_workIt should be noted that without the leadership of U.S. Congresswoman Lucille Roybal Allard, a friend of mine, Operation HOPE would have never ventured into Maywood, California several years ago. Needless to say, I am glad we did. Thanks to the Congresswoman’s leadership, who initially also provided a federal appropriation of $1 million to support our work in Maywood, and later the leadership of California National Bank, HOPE has launched a HOPE Center in and for Maywood, now a Cal National Bank branch, and later Banking on Our Future, Maywood. The best is yet to come….

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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