"It takes a (real) leader to articulate why success in a world that so dramatically devalues black people is a worthwhile goal. When young people – and older people – take on a spirit of rebellion in their clothes, language, music and other forms of expression, they’re only responding in a fairly rational way to a society that has first insulted and degraded them. It takes a real leader to look beyond the immediate emotional satisfaction – and even the academic justification – of throwing up a middle finger in the face of the oppressor, and see the bigger picture. It takes a leader to think through the consequences and outline a better path – even if it requires sacrifices in the short term, sacrifice that may include giving up the easy emotional satisfaction of ultimately pointless acts, unexamined gestures of rebellion that never rise to the level of resistance or long-term revolution. But that kind of leadership is sorely lacking….."

Author Juan Williams from the book "Enough"

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