John_hope_bryant_black_and_whiteToday I received a message from a friend, whose love-mate was just struggling with not one death of parent, but two. They were very, very close, and obviously, this loss hurt a great deal. Sometimes — no — most times, we don’t know how to deal with death; we fail to find significant meaning in our lives, and even less in death. As a result, we are overly harsh on ourselves, and even worse on God.

In the end, we can lose hope, and focus on what is really important in our daily lives. Maybe that is why God made sure that we call the "present," a gift. Well, here is a version of what I said to my friend, in hopes that it may also serve as healing for others going through something similar, in a world filled it seems with more information, but less answers…

“…darling, My daughter, angel on earth –‘ you cannot do everything yourself.’

You cannot heal every breach. You cannot hold the world together, and keep it on its axis, by yourself. Let Me do that.

You do your thing; be My good girl, which you are…

Stay prayerful.

Take your husband to the beach and marvel at the ocean as it comes to shore, in the form of My wave patterns.

In…and out. In…and out. Just life breathing. Just like life. In…and out… Just like the rhythm of the life I have created for you. 

Let Me handle the details now sweet darling. You focus on staying present in the moment…

Do not morn the passing of My soldiers matured, too much, for they are with Me now.

Celebrate the life you knew of them, for I have other tasks for them to take up now.

I don’t want you distracted from the tasks I have at hand, designed just for YOU.

That of raising My new angels, My newest soldiers on earth. My new spirits. Your children.

Didn’t you notice…, as one graduates to Me, another is born to you and others?

…Go to work now, My dear daughter. I will do my work.  I promise.  You will do yours.

One love….”

Inspired by God. Communicated by messenger (unofficial as I am – smile).

John Hope Bryant

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