Atlanta_006I have much respect for my hero Ambassador Andrew Young, but I must say, now I am really, really impressed. You see, my sweetie and I were in Atlanta for Ambassador Young’s 75th birthday celebration, where former President Bill Clinton and 1,500 leaders and friends came to pay respect from all over the world. After the dinner ended, my sweetie and I tried to find his room on our own, but could not remember the room number. It was at this moment that my sweetie said, "you don’t need a suite number, it’s right there!" Wow — a BLACK MAN in America, with a master suite named after him at a 5 Star hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s what I am talking about, because I don’t even know a black man with a suite named after him at Motel 6, yet alone the the main and most prominent Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown.

Ambassador Young continues to amaze and inspire me, to be "more." And the reason I didn’t know about the suite, even though walking through it is like walking through a living history museum of his incredible life, …is because it never dawned on him to mention it. It was just "an is." The magic of Andrew Young is that he is so amazing, but yet so very normal.

A true public servant in 21st century America. A man focused on "we," and not just "me."

Happy birthday Andrew Young.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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