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January, 2007

"...That's what we were doing in the Civil Rights Movement. We were on the left with radical methods of social change, Marion (Barry), and he is on the right also with radical methods of social change. And so we come together at Operation Hope because the one thing that people on the left and the right can agree on is that poverty is bad for humanity, that capitalism in order to survive needs to grow and thrive, it needs more investors, it needs more customers, it needs more infrastructure. The success of my time as Mayor in Atlanta was when I realized that the business community and me as the Mayor needed and wanted the same thing. They wanted profits, and I wanted jobs. Well, there can't be any jobs if there are no profits, and there can't be any profits if there are no jobs growing. And so while we are divided by language, while we are divided by reputation, I think John Hope Bryant has created a new kind of brotherhood. He calls it the Get It Done Party, and whether we're left or right, whatever our methodology, whatever our principles, we are lovers of humanity, we're believers in peace and democracy, and we want to make the world a better place as rapidly as possible."

Ambassador Andrew Young, introducing World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, at the Anacostia Economic Summit, May 5th, 2006

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