5725jbphotoii_9Today I was deeply, deeply honored to speak before the City of Inglewood, 24th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, March and Festival as their keynote presenter. Thank you Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, City Council and Inglewood City Government, Reverend Alvin Isaacs, who chaired the celebration for the second year in a row, and Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, pastor of Faithful Central Church where the event was held.

Following the church celebration with 2,000 youth and adults in attendance, we then marched and paraded to the Great Western Forum, where I spoke again, along with the mayor, actress Camille Winbush and others. Thanks KJLH Radio Station for coming out to cover the festival as well. A special thanks to the Grand Mashals for the day, Camille Winbush (Bernie Mac Show) and William Allen Young (Soldier’s Story).

You can check out and listen to the speech here (I start speaking about 6 minutes or so into the introduction and song). You can also listen to it and download it as a free podcast on iTunes. Simply search under my name. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Download bryant_speaks_at_the_24th_annual_cit.m4a


John Hope Bryant

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