Img1829This is sooooooo very cool.

When I wasn’t looking, my staff, and specifically Mary Hagerty, our chief of financial literacy, went about the business of collaborating with a film producer in New York City to make a three minute film for President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative, entitled "How To Make A Commitment."

Well, the result is one of the coolest and captivating short films I have ever seen, and making it even better, it features our own Mary Hagerty, several Banking on Our Future young bright lights, one of our partners in financial literacy – the New York Stock Exchange – and our award-winning Banking on Our Future program. through which we have two commitments to CGI. Even one of the youth narrators in the film, who also introduced President Clinton at CGI, young Shani Ashley Francillion, was a Banking on Our Future success story.

President Clinton raised more than $7 billion in commitments over three days at the Clinton Global Initiative! Amazing…

Never under estimate what one person can do!

Onward, with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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