Sept_06_204 HOPE Founder John Bryant Participates in Clinton Global Initiatives 2006 Annual Meeting and Young Global Leaders, part of the World Economic Forum, to Promote HOPE Global Initiatives
(Los Angeles) Friday, September 22, 2006 – Operation HOPE’s, Global Initiatives (HGI), advances its commitment to inspiring change and alleviating poverty through “Silver Rights,” as Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant and HOPE Delegation travel to New York September 20 – 23 to participate and report on program results in a series of forums dedicated to implementing innovative solutions to world problems.   

Sept_06_247 The trip will primarily cover participation in the Clinton Global Initiatives (CGI) 2006 Annual Meeting, but also include a meeting with the Young Global Leaders, a component of The World Economic Forum dedicated to envisioning a better world, and a special request to speak at Diaspora Conference by Rwanda President Paul Kagame. The HOPE Delegation consists of HOPE global spokesman Amabassador Andrew Young, First American Corp. President and HOPE National Board member Craig DeRoy and H&R Block Senior Vice President and HOPE Regional Board member Bernie Wilson.
Most recently HOPE partnered with the William J. Clinton Foundation, H&R Block and First American among others, to promote Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness (EITC) which resulted in more than $12 million EITC refunds in total to tax payers of which some $6 million was returned to Hurricane Katrina victims. An earlier collaboration between the Foundation and HOPE supported financial literacy for Harlem school aged children. Springing from the success of these two programs; HOPE has expanded its involvement with the Clinton Foundation to include the Clinton Global Initiative focused on Poverty Alleviation worldwide.
HOPE’s participation during the CGI trip includes the following:
•        Recognition by former President Clinton and the William J. Clinton Foundation for HOPE’s work with corporate and community partners toward Poverty Alleviation. Specifically for their commitment to export Operation HOPE’s award winning financial literacy curriculum Banking on Our Future to South Africa as a tool for self sufficiency and empowerment.
•        HOPE Delegation and national partner/s, Craig DeRoy made two commitments to CGI towards developing wealth in underdeveloped areas; and Bernie Wilson also committed to working in concert through HOPE toward Poverty Alleviation.
•        Participation at the Arab and American Action Forum, A Clinton Global Initiative Commitment by the Young Arab Leaders which will explore the 5 Top Issues between Americans and Arabs.  The mission of Young Arab Leaders is to strive to help the Arab world to help itself, to strengthen ties between cultures and generations to promote excellence. Like HOPE, it endeavors to create and develop opportunities for positive champions of change and reform.
•        As a Young Global Leader (YGL) John met with World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab to further engage ideas around Global Dignity and financial literacy in developing countries.
•        At the behest of President Kagame, John joins HOPE global spokesman Andrew Young to speak at the Rwanda Diaspora Conference on Saturday, September 23, in New Jersey.  The engagement is dedicated to creating wealth through “Silver Rights” in the Rwandan’s living in the US with links back to their homeland.
HOPE Global Initiatives is HOPE’s ongoing worldwide mission to promote and advocate the benefits of financial literacy, self reliance, economic empowerment and “Silver Rights” as a tool for vastly improving the quality of life in underserved communities throughout the world. John travels to promote HOPE’s central mission of “Silver Rights;” the ultimate poverty eradication tool to make capitalism and the free enterprise system a solution for self empowerment accessible to the poor.

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