Los_angeles_house_001Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, and now Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry and I met many years ago on a trip to Africa; specifically the Leon H. Sullivan Summit to Zimbabwe. But it was over the last year or so that we first took the opportunity to work together, first around our HOPE Center developed on Good Hope Road in Anacostia, most recently as co-chairs for the historic Anacostia Economic Summit on May 3rd, 2006, and soon we will launch a bold effort to empower the residents of Anacostia itself. Here we shared a good meal, good conversation and solid connection around what matters – results and the future of Anacostia, outside of Washington, D.C.  Councilman Barry is indeed very passionate about his city, and specifically Ward 8. A committed public servant. Stay tuned….

Onward, with HOPE

John Hope Bryant


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