New York City)  July 11, 2006 – Operation HOPE today announced that the New York Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (NYSE) recognized HOPE Corp volunteers, who teach financial literacy to students in Harlem, with the honor of ringing the opening bell on Monday, July 10.

Ringing the opening bell, which signals the start of market trading, has been a longtime revered tradition on Wall Street. NYSE employees’ Quincy Brooks, who served as program liaison and coordinator, Terri Chera, Adam Stumer, Myles Orosco, Amada Perrin, Deanna Logan, Stacy Toussaint, Charisse Jones, and Community Volunteer Executive Sponsor Robert A. Marchman all earned the acknowledgment for their role in conducting financial literacy training to economically disadvantaged youths at Harbor Charter School in East Harlem last month. “We appreciate NYSE for recognizing the efforts of these employees and the importance of Operation HOPE’s efforts to bring ‘silver rights’ to underserved communities. Ringing the bell to start the exchange is symbolic to the start towards economic independence and empowerment that these employees are giving to the underserved students in Harlem. This is an exciting partnership, and this is an exciting opportunity for business professionals to inspire students and provide them with the tools that can help them to become self-reliant and productive adults,” said John Hope Bryant, chairman, CEO and founder of Operation HOPE. The NYSE Diversity Council and Operation HOPE, Inc. launched a program in April, adopting a high school in Harlem to the teach importance of savings, how to avoid credit card debt and overall personal economic strategies to inner-city students. The program hopes to provide financial literacy training to at least 5,000 low-wealth youths. The employees visit the classrooms as Operation HOPE Corp members, educating low-wealth students, using their technical expertise to provide information on financial management and investment that will enable youth to make solid choices and take immediate responsibility for their economic well-being through the “Banking on Our Future” program. “Banking on Our Future” is Operation HOPE’s award-winning financial literacy program designed to orient school-aged children on financial responsibility. It is bolstered by a $75,000 donation from the NYSE Foundation in addition to the employees who serve as volunteers. The NYSE Group-Operation HOPE program is recognized by the William J. Clinton Foundation for its commitment to the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative for Poverty Alleviation.

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