New_orleans_to_rwanda_249Okay, it is true — I was shocked when I arrived at my hotel in Rwanda after landing at Kigali International Airport. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was beyond pleasantly surprised to learn and experience that my hotel, the Intercontinental Hotel in Kigali, was completely wired for wireless, high-speed Internet! Can you believe this?

In the midst of Rwanda, unfortunately known around the world for the genocide of 12 years ago, I arrive to experience for myself the "new Rwanda," completely with better high-speed wireless Internet service than most hotels I stay at in major U.S. cities. Amazing, and a good indication of where Rwanda is going in the 21st century — into the future.

P.S. The room was designed better and was more comfortable than most hotel rooms I have stayed at in the states as well!

Onward, with HOPE, John Hope Bryant

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