Dear John,

What an event!

I was very touched to attend last week’s Anacostia Economic Summit.  It was inspiring, moving and monumental.I met people I otherwise would not have met, saw a few old friends and learned from new ones.

Your section on “Silver Rights and Faith/Dignity” truly moved me.  I believe that we do not (as individuals, as corporations, nor as countries) take the time to breath, meet and share.  We do not take the time out of our busy days to really communicate and share a sense of spirituality.  That day – we all did.  And I look forward to more like-minded conversations in the future and to taking my learning’s from the day with me.

What an afternoon!

Between Kelvin Boston, the entire Fed Government (almost!) and a powerhouse of women and men from various sectors of life/business/government.  I thought the day was a great success and I am very proud (even more so now) to live in D.C. and to be working in my first non-profit job.

Thank you again for the invitation.

With warm regards, Liz

Liz Sarachek Blacker

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