“The best leaders recognize that they are in service to others, and likewise, in service to something higher and more important than self.” This is the recognition and realization reached by three Young Global Leaders — later joined by more than 125 other Young Global Leaders in their signing of the Dignity Principals and the subsequent creation of Global Dignity (www.globaldignity.org) — following the 2005 YGL summit in Zermatt, Switzerland. A recognition, after being briefed by some of the leading scholars and experts in the world, on the many intractable problems that continue year after year to plague the world — that being smart enough, or good enough, or powerful enough, or rich enough, was simply not enough for the leadership challenge in the 21st century. Young Global Leaders must by definition be different; our approach to solving problems must be different, …because the problems in the world have mostly remained the same. 

John Hope Bryant, co-founder, Global Dignity

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