“Knowledge Changes”

Seeing all the changes in my community

I finally got the inspiration

To get an operation on my financial situation

Through economic education

People complain so much about gentrification

But financial literacy is a necessity

To our community’s restoration

Knowledge is power there is value in information

The more you learn the more you earn

The more you know the more you grow

Are you going to be able to stay?

Or are you going to have to go

Be it fast or slow the wheels are in motion

A change gone come oh yes it will

But the movement has already begun

From Civil Rights to Silver Rights

It’s been a rough transition

Now faced with a tough decision

Will you stay the same and be forced to change

Or will you choose your Silver Rights, knowledge changes

Copyright 2006

James Brown


Anacostia Resident

Operation Hope Customer

Community Rep

Writer, poet,

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