Silver Rights We can empower the wealthless in America through becoming active in the Silver Rights Movement.

Last year I met a man who I know is going to change the economic structure in America through an organization he created that is now becoming a movement. John Bryant is picking up where Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision tragically was cut off. As a white woman I can’t speak about what racism feels like but I can speak about what being poor feels like. And growing up in a somewhat diverse neighborhood and attending a parochial school where color didn’t matter it was your faith that counted I was taught to be understanding of people’s differences. Dr. King came along and spoke a message that we all knew was the right message. Some ignorant people, mainly southerners, got the idea that the tables were going to be turned on them and where Dr. King preached non-violent resistance they incited hate.

When Dr. King was murdered, black people in America cried out and acted out the anger that they were unable to express for years. We lost sight of Dr. King’s message. I often wondered what he would think if he saw how so many people lost the vision after his death. It didn’t sit well with me that when crime rates were reported in Baltimore, it wasn’t a reflection of ALL of the city, but mostly African American neighborhoods. It was mostly black on black crime and children were being senselessly killed.

Because Dr. King’s mission was never completed his plan for "The Poor People’s Campaign" died with him. And hope for poor Americans dwindled. We can compare it to the bible. I remember Dr. King said he went to the mountain top and saw the Promised Land. I wonder if he realized how haunting his words would be. For almost 40 years all Americans have been confused and wandering in the desert just like the Israelites.

But today I’m here to tell you that there is a man who has picked up the staff like Aaron did and is leading the people to not just the Hope of the promised land but through the mountain to the land of milk and honey. He is a spiritual man but more importantly for the movement he is a business man.  A man who knows what it takes and how to make things happen to create stakeholders in the wealthiest nation in the world. Just like people followed Moses, just like people followed Dr. King, people of all races are following John Bryant. He is doing right by doing the right thing. He is moving America from Civil Rights to Silver Rights through Operation Hope.

Deb Silcox

Baltimore, Maryland

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