…He (Ambassador Andrew Young) has said his role in civil rights has changed from marching and protesting to championing economic opportunity. Before starting GoodWorks, Young was a two-term mayor of Atlanta, congressman and United Nations ambassador. He helped bring the 1996 Summer Olympic Games to Atlanta, along with millions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

In a statement, John Hope Bryant, chair of the Los Angeles-based economic advocacy group Operation HOPE, called Young his hero and a living legend and said some are attempting to diminish his accomplishments "because he decides to engage in a common sense conversation with the largest retailer in the world, the largest employer in America, and the largest employer for black folk in America."

"The fact of the matter is, he is doing here exactly as he has always done; become the voice of reason for folk who cannot seem to find common ground on their own," Bryant continued. "The time and tactics have changed, but the battle for social justice continues."

Excerpts from an Associated Press story from April 26th, 2006

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