Picture_032Who knew? 

Who could have possibly known that the young man and youth heart throb, Tyrese (then an extremely popular R & B singing star who has gone on to become a major movie star of late), who showed up one day a few years ago in my office at Operation HOPE and asked me to be his mentor, would this year become of all things, a chief executive officer of his own company — Head Quarter Entertainment Group. Impressive…

I have always been impressed with Tyrese’s heart, his mind, his spirit, and of course his talent. But now I am increasingly impressed with his business acumen. And all of this from a young man from a challenged background in Watts, California in his mid-20’s.  Impressive indeed. And did I mention that he is also God’s child and takes the man upstairs everywhere he goes and with whatever he does? Impressive.

Perfect, no far from it. But increasingly Tyrese is a young man who is perfect in his imperfection. In other words, he knows the good in himself, and the drama, and embraces both as part of the whole. He is not living a lie, nor asking anyone else to pay the price for the decisions he makes in life. In short, he is becoming much more than his dad or mother bothered to equip him for — a leading man in the role called life. A young man with a life – professional and personal – worth emulating by others. Do I sound like a proud mentor? Absolutely. And the best is yet to come. Stay tuned…. I guarantee a strong, powerful and positive ending to this particular movie.

Proud of you Tyrese, proud. Love you too.

Onward, with HOPE

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