Gulf_port_mississippi_with_former_presidA great day in Gulfport, Miss. today.

I will say much more about this incredible and indeed heartwarming experience in the days ahead, but I think it is fair to say that former President Bill Clinton and I left Mississippi today genuinely inspired and heart warmed by all the incredible people there — moving ahead with their lives in spite of their difficulties. People who have decided to take their lives back, and simply need a little help. Well, thanks to a commitment and partnership from the Williams J. Clinton Foundation and Operation HOPE to Project Restore HOPE, we have done exactly that — given them a little but very much needed help.  HOPE on the way…

Gulf_port_mississippi_with_former_presid_1Today was indeed incredibly special, one of the most special days of all my time leading Operation HOPE — and for this I want to thank Trooper Sanders, domestic policy advisor for former President Clinton, Fred D. Smith, director of HOPE Coalition America, along with team members Jena Roscoe, chief of government relations, Mary Hagerty, chief of financial literacy, and Lance Triggs, chief of staff for all field operations and programs for Operation HOPE. Because of these and other individuals, hundreds of residents in and around Gulfport, Miss got the much needed assistance so that rightly deserved.

And thanks to our friends at H & R Blocks, who provided a number of volunteers, we were able to provide victims with free tax preparation and free EITC filing around the Clinton-HOPE partnership. A great, great day indeed.

And as they say, a picture says a thousand words, so check them out!

Onward, with HOPE

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