Last night I received an award from a great organization here in Los Angeles, Say Yes to Children Network, whose founder, John Jackson, reminds me of myself in many ways in the early days of Operation HOPE’s founding….only better.  I simply love his passion and sincerity for the cause of our children. He filled the room with leaders from Los Angeles, because of that passion.

Here are just a few of the shocking things I learned last night about "the state of our children…;"

  • Every 9 seconds a high school student drops out in America.
  • Every 35 seconds a baby is born into poverty in America.
  • Every 38 seconds a baby is born to a mother who is not a high school graduate in America.
  • Every 51 seconds a baby is born without health insurance in America.
  • Every day, 47 parents are told that their child has cancer in America.

These things we need to do something about. This, literally, is our collective future… Something to think about. Check out Say Yes to Children Network and give them your support!

Onward, with HOPE

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