Dsc_8112_copy4_2What do you give the man that literally has, well, …everything?

Love. Pure love.

And that is what I have to offer one of my mentors, friends, and all time heroes — the great and legendary (and immensely kind and loving) Quincy Jones.

Quincy’s birthday was Tuesday, March 14th, 2006, and it was truly a great day for the entire world — because he is such a giver of and to the world. It is also telling that his birthday comes two days after my all time hero of public service and goodwill, Ambassador Andrew Young, who turned another "youthful" leaf on Sunday, March 12th, 2006. Two good spirits, born in a good time, space and place. Two givers of the world…. Two individuals born of a generation, as my sweetie, Mrs. Sheila Kennedy Bryant would say, made of those who give and who are more about "we," than just about "me."

This time last year Quincy (or Q as me and my sweetie like to call him) hosted me for my birthday — all day long — at his beautiful home (more like a warm and loving personal city block than simply a home if you ask me – smile).

This year, on his birthday, …Q and I, and then Q and my sweetie, took turns spending quality time on the telephone — laughing, sharing, dreaming about how we can change the world, …and reflecting on how good life and God is — just like kids. It was wonderful. Truly special. And Q, is truly, truly special. I mean special "on this earth."

No, I am not talking about Q the living legend, or Q the famed artist (more Grammy nominations than anyone in the history of the award itself, as an example), or Q the composer, or Q the singer, or Q the producer, nor Q the brilliant businessman nor humanitarian, all of which he is, 100 times over. Just Q — "good people." Very, good people. A great father, and friend too. One the sweetest and most loving people I have ever encountered in the world, that’s Q.

And talk about consistent… That is why Oprah considers Q her big brother, and why I count him as a mentor and (along with Ambassador Young and Reverend Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray) a spiritual father figure of sorts to me. 

Just some of my favorite Q quotes…

Question: "Q, how did you get so dang smart, on so many levels my brotha?" Answer: "Well, I’m just noisy as hell!" Hilarious, and wise.

Question: "Q, how is it you are so happy and positive all the time?" Answer: "Well, I could be wet lettuce at Ralph’s (grocery store)." Hilarious, and wise.

Question: "Q, what are you up to these days?" Answer: "Well, I will tell you what I am not up too — no more green tomatoes man! Show me something that works!" Hilarious, and wise.

Q, simply, I love you man. We….love you. And we (meaning the world now) genuinely appreciate your contribution to this small planet we all inhabit and share. 

As I told Q directly when we spoke — and now share with the world — a friend told me last night at dinner that in his estimation 90% of the world does not feel. The 10% that does feel, curse the darkness; meaning that they comment about how bad things are, but seldom do anything to change it. But some people, maybe 5% of the 100% of that 10% that "feels," …they light a candle. They find a solution, and they make it positive, for others. All boats rise in their world. That my friends, is Mr. Quincy Jones.

We love you Q.

Happy birthday my friend, to one of the most special, gifted, loved, loving and appreciated human beings on THE PLANET!

I and we are with you. Anytime. Anyplace.

Until our next conversation about God’s secret weapon — and that means you!

Onward, with HOPE

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