Picture_117Pure class. That would be Dr. Dorothy Height, chairwoman-emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women and the only black woman in our nation’s capitol to own a building on Pennsylvania Avenues, just minutes from the White House.

Dr. Height is a mentor, friend and partner in our work, and a strong supporter of the "silver rights" movement I and we launched early last year. We enjoyed a rich and reflective dinner together last week in Washington, D.C. What a time… If not for Dr. Height, it is very likely that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr never would have been given the opportunity to speak during the March on Washington, and to give his historic "I Have A Dream" speech, now recognized the world over as one of the best speeches of all time.

On May 3rd, 2006, Dr. Height will join Ambassador Andrew Young, myself and others as we co-chair the Anacostia Economic Summit.

P.S. My friend, Dr. Height, got a little upset with me for not letting her put her lipstick on before we took this picture. Amazing. 90 something, and still looking very, very good. And still full of class, head to toe. Amazing.

Onward, with HOPE

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