Ambassador_young_and_john_hope_bryant_in_3 The silver rights movement, will be different from the civil rights movement. Complimentary, but different.

And just as Dr. King, Ambassador Andrew Young, Rev. Joseph Lowery and host of others integrated the lunch counters in the South, "silver rights" picks up where "civil rights" left off, seeking to integrate the dollar into low wealth neighborhoods in the north, south and states in between.

The principle vehicle for this "integration" work is the organization I founded, Operation HOPE;  founded in 1992 after one of the worst civil riots in U.S. history. Operation HOPE goes beyond speeches and rhetoric, focusing instead on a practical empowerment program that can literally change lives, from the inside out. Operation HOPE is my vision for "a rainbow after the storm." It serves as a model towards my mission to eradicate poverty as we know it.

Andrew_bo_young_iii_and_john_hope_bryant_2Going further, with the silver rights movement of the 21st century, my friend Andrew "Bo" Young, III, son of the famed Ambassador Andrew Young, and others like him, will pick up the ball where accomplished civil rights leaders left off, helping to secure the real freedom that can only come through economic empowerment in the United States of America; a democracy rooted in capitalism.

The silver rights movement is not different from or separate from the civil rights movement, it simply seeks to build upon it. And where the civil rights movement was waged in the streets, the silver rights movement will be negotiated in the suites — corporate suites, that is. And as well, in the classrooms, for education is the ultimate poverty eradication tool, and financial literacy the first silver right.

Happy birthday Andrew "Bo" Young (February 15th, 2006), for you are not only an accomplished businessman in your own right (CEO of Young Solutions), you are a legitimate and pioneering "silver rights" soldier. You are also my dear friend. My brother, from another mother.

Onward, with HOPE

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