Picture_139_1Earlier this week I had the pleasure of spending some quality time some of Citigroup’s best – HOPE Corps volunteers and silver rights soldiers – teaching financial literacy to youth in Baltimore, Maryland through our Banking on Our Future program. An inspiring morning, particularly one volunteer we call Faith.

Faith is a model for others who want to know "what they get or gain" from volunteering. Faith knows that when you give, you get. Thanks Faith, for having a little faith, in HOPE.

The youth of Baltimore are fortunate to have this team of passionate and committed volunteers, willing to commit themselves for the benefit of others. There are a total of 130 registered HOPE Corps members in our Baltimore movement, and many of them are from Citigroup. A special thank you to Donn Weinberg and the Weinberg Foundation for their founding support of our movement work there.

Onward, with HOPE

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