"We must do more than open the door to trade. We must make sure that those in Africa have the capacity to walk through the door." Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom

"In 5-10 years time, Western businesses will ask why they were not brave enough to invest in and look to Africa for a new markets future…. China is carving out a major business role in and throughout Africa.". Niall FitzGerald, chairman, Reuters, UK

"The average cost of education in Africa is only $100 per year. Needs to be a massive, global assault on education, seeking free universal education for every child in Africa." Gordan Brown

"Don’t say give a man a fish, and fon’t stop with teaching them to fish. Teach them how to SELL fish!" Bono

"Your my mentor, and also my tormentor." Gordan Brown, on Bono

"Africa will become the next source of new oil in the world. Engage." Niall FitzGerald, chairman, Reuters, UK, member of the foundation board of the World Economic Forum

"Cows in Europe are subsidized at a cost of $2 a day (agriculture subsidies). How do you ask a farmer in Africa to farm for less than that? They are competing with a European cow. A European cow does better than 2 billion people on the planet who make less than $2 a day." Bono

"Hey, don’t be a cow in Europe, want to be a cow in Japan. They are subsidized at $7 a day!" Niall FitzGerald

"A 1% increase in trade on the African contient would increase inflows by $70 billion!" Rebecca Anderson, anchor, CNN International

What a session! Wow. Simply incredible. Probably one of the best sessions at WEF. Several YGL members attended, including myself. In the audience included Peter Gabriel, Sir Richard Branson, Rev. Rick Warren, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, HRH Crown Prince of Norway Haakon, YGL Van Jones of Oakland, California, and a host of others.

Bravo Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Bravo!


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