Dear friends of HOPE, humanity and my fellow YGL’s around the world:

On November 11th, 2005, a crime was committed against humanity, but it also felt like a crime was committed against my own family. Yes, my family…

Last week terrorist detonated several bomb devises designed to inflict the maximum pain on innocent bystanders in Jordan. They struck not at a military installation or seat of government, which would have been bad enough, they struck a series of hotels, one right during a wedding reception, which was simply cowardice, and sin against all humanity. Can you imagine? Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, I can.

Not so long ago, in May of this year to be exact, and in part out of respect of my new friendship with YGL  member (Young Global Leader) and Jordanian Ambassador Karim Kawar, and as well our YGL chair Queen Rania, I attended the World Economic Summit meeting at the Dead Sea, Jordan, and had an opportunity to tour and to experience this great and peaceful country for myself. 

Cimg0223_2I left feeling like the world truly did not know, and had not taken time to understand, Jordan in particular, nor the Middle East in general. A part of the world where literally, the three great religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity began…  But now, with these bombings, the world has yet another view to absorb; the pain of a nation grieving, guilty only of its national optimism and sense of hope, and its geographic location in these troubling times.

There is no way that I can understand what Queen Rania, Ambassador Kawar, the other Jordanian based YGLs, and all the great people I met while in this wonderful country are going through right now. I do not dare put myself in your shoes. But this I can say, on behalf of the entire Forum of Young Global Leaders family around the globe, we are with you. We are with you.  My prayers, are with you.

Finally, I must say that in the midst of this horrific tragedy I could not be prouder of the way Ambassador Kawar carried himself standing side by side with U.S. President Bush at the Embassy as the President signed the book acknowledging his grief and condolences. At a time when anyone would be excused their emotions and personal failure to lead, our friend showed the world the dignity that YGL embodies. A true leader who rises above the adversities of that particular moment, to find, however difficult, the light of a future inspiration which can enlighten and inspire others to (continue to) go forward. Bravo my friend. Bravo.

We love you and our Jordanian brothers and sisters. We are with you.


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