Ribbon_cutting_03_2Lance Triggs, second from right here in this photo of Washington, D.C. area leaders at the May 4th, 2005 opening of the Washington, D.C.-Anacostia HOPE Center (a center he basically built himself), is executive vice president and chief of programs and field operations for Operation HOPE, and one of my dear friends and confidants. Lance has been with me and Operation HOPE since 1994, when he joined our then very small team as a "temporary" employee. Well, more than 11 years later Lance is a star within HOPE, one of my dearest friends in the world, and an accomplished leader in his own right across the nation. Under Lance’s leadership, Operation HOPE has helped more than 500,000 individuals that have come through the doors of HOPE, funded more than $130,000 in mortgages and small business loans to low wealth individuals, and he runs a network of 7 cutting edge HOPE Centers from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C.

Lance is an incredible leader, God’s child, and a very kind and decent human being. Honored to have him in the family called HOPE.

Onward, with HOPE

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