Dec05_058_1 A great time for all. Friends of HOPE, staff and board members sit down for our annual dinner at the kick-off of our annual board planning retreat.

Pictured here include Lynn Pike, president of Bank of America California and small business nationwide (and sponsor of the retreat), with her friend John, Mary Hagerty and Jena Roscoe from HOPE, Ellis Stanley, director of emergency management for the City of Los Angeles, Fred D. Smith, director of HOPE Coalition America, Paul Irving, managing director and CEO of Manatt, Phelps, Thom Branch of Union Bank of California, Rachael Doff – the magician who organized this great retreat, Julia Brown of Charles Schwab Bank, Sherry John of HOPE, Mary Lee Widener, CEO of Neighborhood Housing Services of America, Governor Preston Martin, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Stacy Sanchez of HOPE, and my sweetie — not pictured but literally holding me up….in more ways than one, I might add (smile).

Onward, with HOPE

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