Att00008_1Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a car in the lobby of one of our HOPE Centers!  Only by the grace of God, no one was seriously injured.

It appears that one of our employees, on their way to work earlier this week, depressed the accelerator instead of the brake..and walla; the first drive through HOPE Center in America!

Seriously, we are blessed and thankful that no one was seriously hurt here, although at least one employee was reportedly less than a foot away from the car’s path as it barreled through the lobby that morning. 

Now, this said, check out this NEXT photo….

Man_working_amidst_an_accident_scene_in_I had to look at this photo a couple times to confirm what I thought I saw the first time; a man, one of our regular Inner City Cyber Cafe clients, CONTINUES TO WORK ON HIS BUSINESS, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THERE IS AN AUTOMOBILE SERVING AS HIS NEW WORK TABLE! Amazing…. Guess it just underscores how very serious people are about "taking their lives back."

Again, we are just so very happy that no one got seriously injured here.Att00021

P.S. Of course it was a lead news story for local television! Wish empowerment seminars had the same impact on the media! Something to think about….

Onward, with HOPE

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